Ultimade Staff

He is the Creative Director at Ultimade®. He brings creativity and vision to the team with a commitment to the clients' brand, and his excellent leadership is the driving force behind this growing company.

His main objective is to meet and exceed clients’ ROI (Return On Investment) objectives. He believes that optimization is a continuous process even if you exceeded your targets because that means that you should move your targets to higher level.

With more than 6 years of online & offline marketing experience, Tarek and his team is able to break ROI records every day.

A versatile professional business consulting, who have a wide knowledge across the E-Business. With his Technical & Business Development experience, he can easily bring our business models into life!

'The Techy One' with over 8 years of experience in digital technologies, Ibrahim has quality experience in all aspects of the development process, from consultancy to deployment and has worked projects of all scales, local business to international marketplace and everything in between.

He conducts system-wide tests, provides client technical support, and monitor system performance to ensure that software programs are operating optimally.

'The Designy One' with over 10 years of experience in the design industry, Samir has a huge passion for design and a great wealth of experience, with international and local clients across a broad spectrum of sectors including education, medical, manufacturing and governmental projects.

He is a graphic designer with 11 years of experience in the designing industry. His work involves developing a graphic design that effectively communicates the ideas being promoted by the website. He is able to make the shapes speaks.

Our very own guru in web development specializing in ASP, PHP, MySQL, you get the point. Sure, our designs look great, but this is the individual responsible for breathing life into our concepts and ideas, giving them a place on the web.

Her passion is only rivaled by her unlimited potential. She thrives on challenges and she spends the time and efforts it takes to succeed. Although she is specialized in social media management and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, Heidi is very helpful for the agency in many other aspects. She sees that big picture of the web!

He is very skilled talented Post-Production Editor with over 6 years of experience in Post-Production field. He is able to provide clients with creative videos that highlight what they offer in an extraordinary way.

He is very skilled talented After Effect Animator with over 6 years of experience in animation field. He is able to provide clients with creative graphic videos that highlight what they offer in an extraordinary way.

Character Animator with over 6 years of experience in animation field. Mohamed is a graduate from Parkland College located in Champaign, Illinois, USA.

Ultimade®' in-house brand developer, and brings over 7 years of experience to the team. Denae is a graduate from Michigan University, Dubai with a degree in Graphic Design, and a passion for creating identities. He contributes his vast specialized talent to our design team.

Our Strategic Coordinator and copywriter. A talented technical writer, she has helped to re-develop Ultimade® brand, and is skilled at creating clever copy to accompany our visual works.

With more than 4 years experience in marketing and sales field combined with passion for writing, Safaa is able to develop your thoughts into tangible words that promote your business with originality, determination and discipline.