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H.H. Khaled bin Hamad Al-Khalifa official website After delivering his highness Sheikh Rashid his website, We obtained his highness media office acceptance and appreciation, our confident reached the max but then we figured that our journey has just begun! 3 months after we delivered the website, We received a proposal form his highness Sheikh Khaled bin Hamad media office to build a website for his highness.
H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Mohamed official website When our senior executives decided to have the strategy of building a strong relationship with our clients as our first goal, we built a trustable reputation in our firm that grow up very fast not only locally but also all over the world wide. A lot of successful projects was accomplished, followed by our prize, a very honorable project, his highness Sheikh Rashid official website, we gathered around our meeting table, we wanted to make some thing unique & different.
Elegant Website Design We will work closely with you to design the site you visualize. Our web designs conform to the latest web standards and usability guidelines to give you a search engine and user friendly website. With valid CSS and xHTML coding, your sites will load faster and allow easy upscale.
Logo & Corporate Identity We put you in the spotlight and design a logo which develops a corporate identity unique to your business. The logos are designed using custom vector illustrations scaled to web and print mediums.
PSD to XHTML Convertion We can convert any common format provided by you into high quality, cross-browser compatible W3C Valid xHTML/CSS markup. We can also “re-slice” your existing site and code them using the latest web standards.
Seamless CMS Porting We convert PSDs into W3C Valid CSS/ xHTML which are pixel precise. We will seamlessly integrate it into CMS, shopping carts, skins, themes etc.

Enhance your business with us!

Custom website design in less than 14 Days! Tell us your specifications and we will deliver a unique design that reflects your brand and its values. Our services is abide by non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and money-back guarantee.
H.H. Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad
Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd.
i2 Stores
Talent W.M.
Cube Music
Dorra Zarrouk
Dr. Mohamed Rasheed
Elica Group
One For All
Touch of Beauty
Sollanda Tours
Final Image
Shams Safari
So Freakantastik
Zorba Studio

Interactive Design

  • Commit to your business and establish yourself on the worldwide Web

    As Ultimade® specializes in website design and development, we can assist you in expanding your reach through professional, user-friendly designs that are reinforced by functionality. Any business can easily maximize its scope by utilizing visual designs that will be etched in the minds of its target audience. See how the indomitable influence of the internet can grow your business to new heights and hatch new professional relationships.



  • Establish the foundation of your business through Branding

    Corporate Branding is essential to establishing your business identity. Ultimade® has expertise in producing distinctive brands for businesses. We provide services for the generation of logo designs, corporate stationery, and brand guides. Through strategic application of color, typography, and image, these vital tools will solidify your identity and communication stability and professionalism you clients.



  • Preserve your presence with Advertising

    While most would consider advertising a form of print, it is consider more than that at Ultimade®. Advertising requires marketing strategies that is reinforced by campaigns. At Ultimade® we seek to communicate your message to your target audience in the smartest, most effective way possible.



  • Shared light on your business through the power of Print

    Unlike other media, a printed material provides permanence to promoting your company. Here at Ultimade®, we are familiar with the various advantages of each print medium, and can advise on and develop outstanding designs for brochures, posters, and direct mail. Print is a constant material that servers to familiarize your clients with the services you provide, while commanding longer presence and receptivity in their minds.


About Us

Be Captivated and Amazed, Ultimade 101®

Ultimade 101 is a professional Internet consulting and web solutions/advertising company based in Cairo, Egypt.

We are specialized in best-in-class website design, web development and print graphics. Ultimade 101 features an integrated team of web consultants, each one of Ultimade 101 team is a web guru on his own, creative designers and eMarketing professionals, SEOs and SEMs that really knows how to get online results.

Hear what others say

Ahmed Alaa, CEO, TechSolutions

I have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the work that Ultimade® have done for me. Their professionalism has been reassuring and their advice has been extremely useful. I am very happy with my choice of website provider, and would recommend them to other Consultants.

Eslam Khaled, CEO, Benchmark Marketing

When we first discussed a website with your organization we had three objectives:

to portray an image
to get decent positions in search engines
to get our phones and emails buzzing with customer inquiries

Bless you, you've done that! Brilliant!

Ahmed Yasser, CEO, EliteSoft

All of us here at EliteSoft would like to say thank you very much to everyone involved with setting up and maintaining our website. It far exceeded our expectations, when we first saw it we all thought wow! It is very simple to use but also very professional, exactly what we needed. The designing and daily maintenance of the web site is A1 and we can't find fault in any way. Amendments and alterations are done exactly as and when we ask. From initial contact to the present day which includes the before and aftercare, the whole thing has been a lot easier than we ever thought it could be and the staff of Ultimade® are a pleasure to deal with. Special thanks to Mohamed and Samir.

Once again a big THANK YOU from us all.

John Fisher, C T O, eMarketing Dubai

I am delighted with our website. I think it has a fresh, crisp modern feel to it, which I hope reflects the market I’m in. Many thanks to all your team, particularly Mohamed Ibrahim who took my initial inquiry, Mohamed Ahmed in the PHP section who has been so patient with my alterations and amendments and of course the designers. I would certainly be happy to recommend your services to others.

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